Flexible Financing is the Key to Matching Customer Objectives

Jun 06, 2019


The decision to lease or buy essential business equipment takes a mixture of operational, financial, and strategic factors. Most shipping and storage-related businesses choose to lease a substantial fraction of their equipment to benefit from the many advantages of leasing. These benefits include the preservation of capital for higher priority projects, improved expense planning, improved cash flow, and tax benefits, among others.

Once the decision to lease is made, two more questions quickly follow: How do I find the right shipping equipment lessor? And, what leasing arrangement will best meet our needs?

The first question is easy – the ideal shipping equipment lessor is a strong, stable, shipping industry expert, with substantial experience, a global footprint, and a highly flexible offering of leasing options that can be used to closely match your business needs. This is why bank financing, for example, is rarely the best choice – because they are not shipping experts, and are not focused on the long-term success of the shipping market.

SeaCube Container Leasing is an ideal choice for equipment lessor. With $2.5 Billion in assets, a global network of more than 200 container depots, and 1.8M TEU in owned and managed equipment, SeaCube is an undisputed global leader in container and equipment leasing, and laser-focused on the success of the shipping market.

The second question is also critically important. One reason that SeaCube has become a leader is that we offer unrivaled flexibility in lease offerings – and this flexibility lets us match your business objectives more closely than any standard leasing option ever could. Here are some of the flexible factors that can be applied to structure an ideal equipment leasing arrangement:

Term Length: Flexible term lengths from very short periods up to as long as 12 years to match budget requirements and business goals.

Financing Level: Flexible financing up to 100% of equipment cost lease terms preserves equity and capital for other purposes.

Buy Out Options: Payment terms can be configured within the operating lease to allow for equipment buy out options. This arrangement allows for equipment fleet ownership to occur in a staged approach, or to change course depending on business conditions.

Sale Lease Back: SeaCube can offer liquidity using equipment sale lease back options, quickly freeing cash for higher priority projects and to seize unexpected opportunities.

Equipment Assessments: As a shipping equipment expert, SeaCube can expedite the equipment assessment and funding process.

Direct Equipment Financing: As a strong and well-funded company, SeaCube is well positioned with capital capacity to provide expedited financing for direct equipment investments, up to 100% financing.

With flexibility on each of these factors, the total number of possible tailored combinations is enormous – allowing SeaCube leasing experts to provide a package to support your specific business requirements.

For more information about shipping equipment leasing, contact one of our leasing experts. SeaCube will continue to work hard to be your first choice for refrigerated and dry shipping equipment leasing and sales.