About Us

Innovation Beyond the Box

SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd, and its associated companies buy, sell, manage, and lease shipping containers which are essential intermodal equipment used in the global containerized cargo trade. These containers have enabled the growth in global trade because they allow efficient movement of goods via ships, rail, and trucks.

SeaCube Containers is the world leader in refrigerated shipping containers, including the generator sets used to power the refrigerated containers while carrying cold goods to their final destination or while used for cold storage applications. SeaCube also offers new and used dry steel containers for shipping cargo and for all their other applications.

SeaCube has broad strength and expertise in innovative financing and logistics to create and structure purchase and leasing arrangements that will best serve our customers strategic business objectives. We have long-term relationships with an extensive group of customers in the intermodal shipping industry, as well as relationships with many container wholesalers and retailers that serve the construction, retail, and storage industries. Our companies operate world-wide to provide you high quality equipment and excellent service with global coverage.