NaturaLINE® Refrigeration
A Smart, Environmentally 
Responsible Intermodal Solution

SeaCube is constantly striving to deliver world-class solutions for the intermodal transportation global community, and is recognized as a leader in providing environmentally-friendly equipment that reduces customers’ carbon footprint. So when Carrier Transicold introduced the world’s first and only natural refrigerant technology for shipping container refrigeration in 2017, we knew they would be an ideal partner to deliver the next generation of reefer solutions. Since then, several leading shipping companies are already introducing NaturaLINE units into their fleets. The largest order to date was placed late in 2018 for 2,000 units leased through SeaCube, the global leader in refrigerated equipment leasing.

What is the NaturaLINE technology?

The first and only technology of its kind, the innovative NaturaLINE reefer unit uses COin place of conventional synthetic refrigerants to deliver sustainability and efficiency equal to Carrier’s previous best-in-class performing units.

Why are shippers considering this change now?

There are several key reasons shippers are taking action now. The first is that governments and environmental agencies around the globe are moving forward with compliance mandates that will eventually phase-out of environmentally damaging high-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants. Shippers are eager to find GWP alternatives to maintain impending compliance requirements in several countries, reduce reefer maintenance/coolant costs, and support improved sustainability.

The second reason is that the new NaturaLINE system has proven to successfully achieve tight temperature controls down to minus 40 degrees Celsius – beyond the range of many conventional refrigeration units – increasing operational flexibility. The new units are also exceptionally quiet. This combination of excellent performance combined with the use of a natural, sustainable refrigerant is getting well-deserved attention.

How difficult is it to make the change to NaturaLINE?

Not difficult at all! As innovative as the NaturaLINE is, the controls and operation procedures are much the same as current equipment such as Carrier’s PrimeLINE. Technicians will find no difference in setting up and managing refrigeration parameters, and service is available globally through the extensive Carrier network.

What advantages does NaturaLINE offer?

Here are a few of the important advantages:

  • COrefrigerant is naturally occurring, and globally available.
  • COrefrigerant is nonflammable, nontoxic, and less expensive.
  • COrefrigerant has a global warming potential (GWP) one thousand times lower than HFC refrigerants.
  • Power consumption is comparable to Carrier’s previous best-in-class units, thanks to an exclusive, new multi-stage compressor.
  • Best-in-class carbon footprint – the NaturaLINE design improves upon the PrimeLINE® unit’s ability to reduce carbon emissions by 28% compared to previous units using synthetic refrigerants.
  • Tight temperature control and decreased operating noise level, thanks to a custom-designed variable-speed drive.
  • There are no taxes on CO2
  • Validated by UL Environment for recyclability – joining Carrier’s PrimeLINE unit as the only container refrigeration units to achieve recyclability validation.

How do I put this new technology to work?

Making the smart move to NaturaLINE container refrigeration is an easy transition – it requires almost no changes to your current operations, and your technicians already know most of what they need for setup, management, and service.

SeaCube is the global leader in refrigerated container leasing and has extensive experience with this environmentally responsible and sustainable offering. Let us help you create the best plan to meet your business and environmental objectives. Contact us today to get started!