Leasing Containers and Gensets

Leasing SeaCube Intermodal Transportation Equipment

SeaCube is a global leader in the intermodal equipment leasing market, providing companies with best-in-class equipment solutions, technology, and customer support.

SeaCube is the refrigerated equipment leasing specialist, offering the most advanced and environmentally friendly refrigerated containers. In fact, we are already investing in and offering equipment designed for the next generation of refrigerants that will further reduce environmental impacts so that when they become available, our customers can take advantage of these advancements immediately.

SeaCube also provides equipment leasing for gensets, conventional dry containers, open-top containers, flat racks, and specialized equipment tailored to customer specifications.

Innovative Leasing Solutions

SeaCube serves the intermodal shipping industry with innovative equipment leasing solutions. The shipping industry is a complex, highly competitive, and capital-intensive business environment, and our customers can gain both financial and technical advantages by structuring their assets with the right combination of owned and leased equipment. SeaCube leasing experts work closely with customers to strike the perfect balance in their equipment purchases within the context of their global fleet deployment strategies using equipment leases. And, they create the right leasing terms and conditions to match each customer’s financial objectives.

For example, equipment leases usually provide for 100% financing, with the additional benefit of long-term, predictable payments that are often lower than with other types of financing. Depending on the specific circumstances, leases may qualify as a pre-tax expense, and they often leave credit lines available for other business uses. SeaCube can offer any one of a range of flexible lease options, including Operating Term Leases, Direct Finance Leases, as well as Master Lease Agreements (MLA’s), to meet customer strategic business needs.

Leasing provides operational benefits as well. For example, when customers lease, they keep their equipment up-to-date – and are never tied to outdated machinery, equipment, or software. End-of-lease options are flexible too – customers can purchase the equipment, refinance it, or simply return it based on their business situation.

SeaCube’s leading portfolio of equipment, financial planning skills, and flexibility with a commitment to meeting customer business challenges has resulted in many long-term business partnerships. With SeaCube, you’ll have the right equipment, in the right location, with the right financing structure in place.

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