Container Applications

First and foremost, SeaCube containers are designed for safe, efficient shipping. However, because of their rugged, reliable design, they are also ideal for creating temporary and permanent spaces for a variety of applications. Explore the examples and case studies below to spark your imagination – and see how SeaCube containers may help solve your storage and space-creation challenges!

Frozen Food

If you prepare or distribute frozen foods, you are familiar with seasonal challenges in both supply and demand. And, every business involving frozen foods can be challenged at times to optimize purchase quantities or support growth. SeaCube refrigerated storage units can be the ideal solution for temporary or seasonal storage needs.

Refrigerated Produce

Produce growers and distributors, florists, and confectioners can all benefit from some extra refrigerated storage space for new stock, spillover and supplemental cold storage. SeaCube refrigerated containers can help you maintain quality, achieve growth and maximize profits!